Cooperation offer

The Sezam consignment company – We buy and sell second-hand goods.

The Sezam consignment company – We buy and sell second-hand goods.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to at least one of the questions below, you are the addressee of our offer.

  • Are you going to rearrange your office, store or house and you have no idea what to do with unnecessary equipment (desks, refrigerated counters, racks, pieces of furniture, etc)?
  • Have you got a computer, DVD-video or any electric household equipment you would like to dispose of?
  • Have any pieces of your furniture become unnecessary for any reason? (we buy or take all office articles on consignment).
  • We buy and take flat/ house furnishings on consignment.
  • Have you got any old furniture pieces that occupy a large area and cover in dust?
  • And finally, have you got any unnecessary or unwanted equipment?

Our company anticipates your needs and expectations offering:

Cash or Consignment

Cash – we buy and remove all used/good condition articles and equipment leaving the premises in as good order and condition as they were at the beginning.
Consignment store – you may leave articles for sale with us and we will sell them on your behalf.

Main assumptions of the consignment contract:

  • Goods for sale are left at the consignment store.
  • These goods should be in good condition (should be of proper quality and appearance).
  • The price is established mutually by both sides and should oscillate between demand and supply.
  • The Sezam Consignment store takes a 30% commission of the article selling price.
  • The Sezam Consignment store recommends a removal company and pays 50% of the removal cost if the goods are to be left at the Sezam store.

The Sezam Consignment Store means:

  • Great localisation – you may be sure the goods will be sold in place visited by many clients
  • Attractive exposition and protection of goods against damage
  • Protection from visits of clients and pseudo- clients in your own office or store

It’s us who sell your goods so you do not have to be bothered and give up your everyday activities and duties. Our company saves your time and you have your goods sold without being personally involved and active.

We all have hidden cash – so instead of borrowing money, sell unnecessary or unwanted goods.

Therefore, we encourage you to accept our offer and look forward to effective cooperation.